Software Developer (Calibration)

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Artec 3D

We develop the leading 3D handheld scanners, innovative 3D data processing technology, and facial recognition systems.

We are expanding the department responsible for the development and support of instruments used for scanner production, including the calibration process, as well as related components in other areas.

In this department we develop tools for the production process, which deals with scanners, helping assemblers to set them up, calibrate, and check accuracy.

We make different experiments, collect and process a huge amount of data in order to develop new algorithms or integrate and tune existing ones, which increases image quality, scanner's accuracy, and production pipeline productivity.

Our Products: https: //

dl0 https: // Tasks: Integrate or develop new features for different production-related tools.

This may involve image processing, intensive multi-thread development, collecting statistics and making decisions based on it, finding optimal algorithms options, some linear algebra related computations Plan and make experiments, investigating different aspects of 3D-scanner behavior Write embedded software for some computations made inside our scanners Develop and extend data management tools, which include interaction with web servers, GUI data management applications Do every-day support, fixing bugs, and refactoring code Technologies: Python (>60% of tasks), C++(14), OpenCV, Qt Linux/Windows x64/ARM cross-platform development Python: 3.x, numpy Required skills: Knowledge of Python or/and С: middle Knowledge (or ready to learn quickly) some basic linear algebra Appreciated: Python language.

You will face it all the time, so, be ready to learn it Any machine vision or image processing experience What do we offer?

Autonomy and creativity in the area of your responsibility Health insurance Catered lunches Flexible working hours Corporate collection of board games

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