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Xored is a factory of software engineering teams.

The company is made for engineers, by engineers.

What we do: Software testing and development tools For more than 10 years our employees help software engineers from all over the world to work more effciently.

Modelling tools for telecom companies We work with industry leaders like Cisco Systems, Spirent Communications and British Telecom.

Our own products In our company, there is a R&D department that has both mature successful products, and ambitious ideas in early stages.

What you can bring: You want to share and acquire high professional level in different areas of software engineering on top of “fundamental knowledge” you already have In all our projects you are likely to face complex algorithms, and it is important that you are able to get a grasp of them.

That doesn’t mean that we spend days inventing algorithms and playing with data structures.

What we do is creating software products in different areas.

You are able to create complete products A software engineer thinks how their product is going to affect the world.

Any serious product development is a foundation for new technologies to be born.

We love building technologies.

Both products and technologies development are means for an engineer to grow professionally and to gain respect from the community.

You are into learning new technologies and languages We do not have artificial rules to limit our development stack and tools.

Programming for you is more like art than craft.

You prefer complex tasks For us software development is more like research, we are not interested in ‘common practices’.

What we offer: Work on complex and unique tasks We don’t have short-term projects, and customers come to us for our engineering competencies.

Work with smart people Growth vs Stagnation Development within the company from Intern to VP Fair and open salary scheme We want you to join Xored if you love your work as we do it

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